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Why should a professional translate your webpage?

I believe that every time that clients ask me for a quote to translate their webpage, they think that the answer will be something like “Do not worry Sir, this is so simple task, that you won’t need much money”. Well, I am so sorry to disappoint you, but that is never going to happen, and I will explain to you the reasons why hiring a translator is the best choice.

“Translating is producing analogous effects by different means”

– Paul Valéry

Translating your webpage is key when deciding to take a step forward and build business relationships abroad. Therefore, the best choice will be to look for a professional with experience in the field. If I haven’t convinced you yet, you just need to keep reading.

Promoting your company abroad

If the foreign public can access your site and completely understand it with no effort, that would mean an important step in the process of getting new clients. A professional translator will be able to convey all the important matters to the target language and culture.

To achieve it is important to pay attention to the following topics:

1. Trend and slogan. Cultural adaptation is one of the main issues to take into account, even more, when we are talking about a slogan, which will usually be created to fit in with a specific culture. This process should be properly done so that we avoid ridiculous results, for example, years ago the American company Puffs wanted to sell their tissues in Germany and they decide to maintain the same word, without taking into account that puff in German means brothel. You can imagine how successful the campaign eventually was…

2. Images and symbols. If our trend includes any image or symbol, we should pay attention to their meaning abroad, because maybe a common symbol in our country has a negative connotation in others. For instance, an open shaking hand means “hello” in countries like UK or Spain, nevertheless, it means “fuck off” in countries like Pakistan.

3. Quality translation. I would finally like to write about the importance of performing a professional translation since every word should be translated thinking of the meaning it will have in the target language. This work is even more important if we are talking about marketing translation because a bad or poor translation will mean the loss of potential customers. In this sense, the style and spelling must be correct.

A translation software like Google translator is fair enough if what we are looking for is just an “understandable” text, however, if we want our product to succeed abroad it will be a must to hire a professional translator. This person will take care of every detail so that your product will make a difference within the international market.

After reading my article I hope that you are willing to hire a translator and luckily for you, I am here to help you! Do not hesitate to have a look at my webpage and reach out if any queries!

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